Yeah! I'm so excited! After almost a year of developing, testing, test marketing, revising...revising...and revising more....I'm able to begin the roll-out and promote the new Smoothie Spices.

Below is a copy of my ad on Facebook the week of 2/8/16. I feel it had a great response with many newsletter sign-ups! Thank you everyone!

SMOOTHIE RECIPE Newsletter & E-Book coming!

I'm excited to be starting my Recipe Newsletter this week also. So far I have made or 35 awesome recipes to share with everyone and each week will release one with a "newsletter archive" as we go along.

AUDIO SPICE BOOK  in the works!

Smoothie Spices Audio book called "101 Things To Learn About The Wonderful World of Smoothie Spices & Herbs" (title may change :) Something you can actually listen to. I can't wait to be able to finish this project. We'll all be able to learn so many interesting facts about spices, where they came from, what they can do for us by using them, and more! My goal and focus is to add value to those who care about their health and well being. I know there are thousands of products and an overload of we'll do our best to stay personal and unique!


I welcome input as you are my customer. I developed Smoothie Spices originally for myself because I believe in spices and their natural vitamins, minerals and nutritional benefits giving us a better opportunity for a healthy long life. Medicine has it's place, but there is a lot to be said about taking action to avoid it. If I would have accepted medicine as the only option ....then the possibility of having one side effect leading to another side effect and so on.....while possibly getting caught up in not being able to function without them. Every time an issue would pop up in my system, I felt challenged to figure out an alternative solution other than "drugs or medicine". So far, it remains true for me and I feel "hope" for others that giving our natural options a chance is worthwhile.

So....please comment....I would love to hear from you!

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Hi everyone!

This is the beginning of a new era of my life! I’m thrilled to say that my new website is launching and I will be able to promote and offer my wonderful organic Longevity Spice Blends for better health! It’s been many months in the making, and as most new businesses, we had to get all the quirks and things that weren’t working out of the way. We’ve done that now and are ready to show the world just how powerful using SPICES IN YOUR SMOOTHIES can be! If you are looking for renewed health because you don’t feel spiffy every day….or if you feel great but want to add a little more flavor and healthy benefits to your wellbeing and “longevity” program…. give them a try. You can trust that they will only enhance your life and help you to feel great!

I have a story…. everything has a story. If you have a few more minutes, please read my “Why Story" below…. I’d love to hear from you. Do you have a health story? A spice story? Are you a SMOOTHIE lover? That’s even better….I’d love to hear from you!


The Why Story. . .

Longevity Spice Blends was born out of my personal quest for better ways to add nutrition and healthier benefits to my own food choices. It evolved from three to four single spices a day to thinking "wouldn’t it be great to get more BANG for my effort in what I put into the dish and the time it takes to prepare it." Hence, I tested, made recipes, had friends raving and wanting 2nds and 3rds, and can I get more spices for themselves?  Longevity Spice Blends evolved into the many organic spices and herbs that you see here today.

    I am healthy, 71 years young, and improving every day!  I’m not a vegetarian, nor vegan, however I do steer clear of antibiotics and any toxic fillers used in today’s foods. I believe in being proactive with my own health, and learning about how my body feels in order to research how to take care of an issue naturally.

    There is an overwhelming amount of information out there today on the internet. We just have to be careful with our choices and education. My spice blends are assuredly organic and brought in from the best organic spice importers and growers available here in the United States.

    *Wasabi is the only spice in my blends that is not organic, and is always noted *non-organic on my ingredients. Because of the powerful benefits of Wasabi, I feel it is important to use it in my blends.      

    By the way...please take the time to check out the ingredients on our "Benefits" page! There is lots of powerful, interesting information there to help in your quest for "better health".

    If you have any questions, please email me. I’ll respond quickly and help in any way I can. I appreciate your visiting Longevity Spice Blends.  I hope you have a pleasant experience looking around and feel comfortable enough to add these special blends to your own kitchen collection.

Remember, my Organic Spice Blends for Better Health are for you! 

Enjoy your day and have a beautiful, healthy life!